Open Hours
Currently closed
Open hours can change at anytime depending how far we are in the season.
Are you interested in subscribing for recurring boxes full of vegetables?
Crop Status
The growing season has come to an end. See you next year!
Last modified: Nov 7, 2022 6:54 PM
My name is Frédéric Charette, owner of the farm. I am launching a new farm that primarily focus in the production of vegetables. I am already eager to serve you.
Les Serres Frédéric Charette
We are a new farm in the Gatineau region. Support us by buying our local products and get the best harvests.
351 Chemin Saint-Thomas, Gatineau, QC J8R 3H6
Service that we offer
Direct selling
We sell all of our vegetables directly at the farm. Plus, it is possible to know the availability of the product by looking at the crop status list on the left. For more information about all of our products during the seasons click here. Come and visit us during open hours. We will be happy to serve you.
Services we plan to offer
You pay us a one-time fee (or share) prior to the start of growing season. In return, you receive weekly food boxes either by delivery or at a pick-up location near you.
It's still to early to offer food boxes as we are still learning the art of growing vegetables. However, you can show your interest by clicking on the link below and completing the survey. It will helps us to decide whether or not we should offer this service in the near future.
Farmers' market
There are public markets in most sectors of Gatineau, and theyre all equally delightful! We might display are bountiful harvest every week.
We are not distibruting to farmer's market at the moment. Since this is a new farm we want to analyze our market stream first so that we can decide if the farmer's market is something for us.
We think we can plant all kind of specific vegetables only for restaurant. Call us to create a partnership and make your restaurant much more exotic.
This is a service that we planned to offer. We just wan't to show that we are willing to provide restaurants of vegetables. Again, we've just launch this farm so we are still not prepared to offer this service.
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